Sunday, July 8, 2012

The First June Quilt Block

The June blocks are pretty basic. This first one used 2 prints and the background color. The focus is on precise cutting and piecing, and sewing a "scant" 1/4" seam. There isn't any margin for error on this blocks as it finishes out to be just barely over 12.5" square. If your seams are too wide the block will not be large enough. Mine was perfect with very little excess to trim off when squaring up. Because the block is rather boring I chose prints that I thought were especially lovely together.

This quilt block pattern is called a Greek Cross and is a very old and traditional quilt block. It is a variation on what is known as a 9 Patch Block, so named because it is made up of 9 squares. I like it because you can use up smaller amounts of prints. I can see myself creating an entire scrappy quilt using this block. Yard sale season is now fully underway. I had to take numerous detours when I went to the grocery store on Friday. It seemed to take forever to travel less than 30 blocks. One of the treasures(?) I drug home was this little child's recliner for $4. I need to sew a slip cover for it, but I thought it was the perfect thing for Reggie. He has a tough time getting up onto the couch but he can jump right up on this. It didn't take long for Singha to test it out. They share, especially since it is currently covered with Singha's favorite blanket.

Doesn't he look ferocious? Not at all. I caught him mid yawn. I leave you with a gratuitous "fresh baked bread" photo. I had gotten out of the habit of baking bread since my illness. This is how I can tell I am almost back to my old self. Now if I could just catch up on the weeding.

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