Monday, July 30, 2012

Hive Update: 7-30-12

The traffic continues to pick up at the door of the weak hive. They have been bringing in pollen and nectar, just like their stronger sisters. Tonight I noticed another positive milestone for them, they are starting to hang out on their porch again. My bees have always like to hang out on the veranda when the nights are warm. The weak hive hadn't had enough numbers to do so until recently. I think in another week or 2 the hives will have equalized. They aren't out of the woods, yet. I will go in and check each hive this weekend. If both hives have new eggs, then I'll know for sure that each hive has a queen. Here are the hives as of this evening, just before sundown.


 THE WEAK (but not for long) HIVE:

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