Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Long Live the Queen

I was able to make the trek to the Robbin's Honey Farm today. No easy task as the city was repaving the road and really didn't want to let us down there. But they relented. Once there I was greeted by Harvard's wife. She was able to get me a queen but couldn't tell me if she was an Italian or a Carnelian. She appears to be darker than my other queen so I am betting she is a Carnelian. Not a big deal. They are both good breeds. I made a couple of little videos. It's hard to film and work at the same time and today I was without a helper. But you get the idea.

Her Majesty and her entourage, upon their arrival.

And after I have her placed inside the hive.

When she arrived she was sealed inside the queen cage with a little cork. I removed the cork and replaced it with a tube filled with fondant candy. That is the black tube you see sticking out of the end of the cage. The bees will eat the candy and release the queen. It takes them a few days to do so and that allows them to get used to her. If she was released directly into the hive she would be torn limb from limb. I will check on her on Saturday to see how things are progressing. Check back.

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