Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bee Beauty

You can tell you truly have the heart of a beekeeper when you find yourself dreaming about them. This morning I woke from a dream where I had moved to the house next door and was faced with moving my hives. I was dreaming about all the steps I would need to take to get the hives sealed, fastened together, and transported. Yes, I do have bees on the brain. It's hard not to think about them. Every time I go out into my backyard, there they are. Happily going about their daily routines. Tonight I was taking the trash out to the container when I noticed that my bees were having a feast on the sedum behind my fence. This gave me my dose of beauty for today, which I now share with you.

ETA: If anyone in my area would like some of these sedum starts, let me know. I have plenty. And the bees love them.

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