Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Home Model 446

I have a new addition to my sewing machine herd. I have never had one of this brand before. It is a New Home Model 446. I adore the turquoise color. It appears to be from the mid-1960's. Look, it has the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.

The machine is covered in dust but is in otherwise pristine condition. No scratches or chips to the finish. Even the cabinet is in great condition.

It came with the manual, accessory box (although I am not sure if all the feet, etc...are in there) and the box of all 27 design cams.

This was a pricey machine back in the day. 
It cost $369.95 when new.

The price is no surprise, given all that this machine can do. It has a built in bottonholer, the feed dogs drop for free motion work, and the needle position can change from left, to middle, to right. Not to mention those 27 design cams. Each of those cams can sew 3 different stitch patterns, just by moving the needle position.

You can also sew these stitch patterns (below) without cams, just by varying the needle position and/or stitch length or width.

Quite a versatile machine for its time. I need to clean, oil and lube it. Based on looks, alone, this one will be staying in the herd for a long while. I think it is beautiful. How much did I pay for it? Not a penny. A lady was giving it away for FREE. There was one lady who asked about it, before me. But when she found out it wasn't a Singer, she turned up her nose. Silly woman.


Michelle said...

what a great find! I love the old machines. I just found your blog and am adding it to my list of reads!

crazihippichic said...

Nice to meet another sewing machine junkie. :-)

Anonymous said...

i had a 444 for over 30 years. It never gave me any trouble. I only got rid of it because the repairman said it was shot. I think he lied to me to get me to buy a new machine. I only use New Homes or Janomes and have been very pleased.

crazihippichic said...

That's good to hear. I haven't had a chance to play with the 446 yet, but I bet I'll love it. Once October gets here I'll have more time to sew and play with my various machines. I still don't have enough room ::sigh::...I think I need an entire house just for sewing. ;-)

sooz said...

Hi Hippichic,

Thanks so much for your blog...LOTS of good info here. I found it while looking for a repair manual for my New Home 446. I bought it NEW in the mid-60s and it has run beautifully all these years until I messed up and forced the needle position lever to move when it didn't want to. Lo and behold I discovered that the oil had not been getting to the moving parts due to clogged oil ports :(

Anyway, I've become a sewing machine junkie myself and have acquired 2 other machines...a Necchi 535 and a Singer Touch and Sew 600E. I love them both and gave the Singer to my daughter, but I'm keeping the Necchi :) I also have an old Viking 3-thread serger from the 70s, which still runs wonderfully!

I do have a you have any idea where I might find a repair manual for my New Home 446? If so maybe you could direct me to it...if not then thanks so much anyway and keep up the good work on your blog! I love it.
Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

I have a 446 without any instructions. So quiet but can not alter the stitch length. Have you any suggestions?
Thank you,