Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kenmore 1701

I rescued this poor thing yesterday. It was located in Everett but the seller delivered to Fircrest which was much closer to home. They had transported it with the machine still in the cabinet. When I arrived I found it hanging precariously inside the cabinet by one screw, with it's top knocked off. I stifled a gasp (forgive them, for they know not what they do) and  handed them their payment. I quickly carried the whole thing to the back of my vehicle, whipped out my handy Cabela's Multitool, and removed the head from the cabinet. The cabinet predates the machine by a good margin and the wiring is questionable. I'll have the husbeast give it a good look before attempting to plug it in. Good thing I have a Kenmore "organ donor" machine with a foot pedal. I'll be able to plug this machine in and see what's what. The reason I have it sitting on that towel for the picture is twofold. To protect the cabinet from scratches and to also protect it from the grease that's all over the bottom of the machine.

Good gravy, what a mess. Apparently some fellow thought, "If a little oil is good, a shitload of grease is better." And proceeded to attack it with a grease gun. Here's hoping the idiot didn't grease the motor or this will end up an organ donor, as well. It looks like it has been plugged in and run recently. Maybe by the same bright bulb? Whoever it was tried to run it in zig zag mode with the straight stitch foot attached (this is the only foot it came with) and broke off the needle.

He then used his manly gorilla strength to over tighten the clutch. So far that is the only glaring problem, but I have yet to plug it in.

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