Thursday, June 21, 2012


I had been looking forward to seeing this movie, being a huge fan of the original 'Aliens'. It was a long movie, lasting just over 2 hours. You'd think with all that time they could fit together a cohesive plot? Sadly, no. The special effects were OK. A little heavy handed with the holograms. The movie begins with a scene that transitions from serenely beautiful to horrific. I remember thinking, "This will all make sense at the end of the movie." No, it did not. Once aboard the spacecraft you meet the robot, David, who has a penchant for flip flops and bad puns. Charlize Theron is there, in her "evil queen" character, but wearing a sexy unitard. Then Benjamin Button makes an appearance. It was all just weird. I give it 2 stars for crashes, flames, and self surgery.

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