Monday, June 4, 2012

Hive Boxes Ready

I managed to get the boxes painted last night. I could feel the rain in the air and expected it to start pouring any minute. It stayed dry long enough for me to get the painted boxes stacked safely in the garage.

Now I need to get the bee yard weeded, find a pallet, and wait for a warm, non-windy, dry day. This Thursday looks like the best candidate, even though they are forecasting a 30% chance of rain. We'll have to wait and see. Here is a close-up of the nifty new feeders I bought. I'm glad they are finally making nice top feeders for 8 frame boxes. These have a screen that is supposed to keep the bees from drowning. Now I'll be able to easily feed my girls this winter.


Tania Calderón said...

They look great!! Im kinda envious in the best way of course. I'd love to learn al about it someday.
Good luck

Tania Calderón said...