Monday, June 18, 2012

Nuts! Pentahead Screw is a PITA.

I have run into a rather large road block while tuning up that new-to-me Kenmore 1251. It is incredibly frustrating and a crying shame. This machine is in otherwise pristine condition. But the timing is off. If you attempt to sew anything past the "2" setting, on the stitch width dial, you get skipped stitches. Setting the timing on a Kenmore is a relatively easy task. You loosen the set screw, move the shuttle hook and re-tighten the screw. Easy peasy. Except I am unable to loosen this particular screw. It has a pentagon shaped (5 sided) head. Why? Who the heck knows? I have heard that these model 158 series machines were made by Jaguar. Jag brake calipers have pentahead screws. Connection? Here is the patient on the operating table.

And this is that %$^#*! screw.

This is the shuttle assembly. I have the machine set at the widest zig zag. This is the needle at its lowest point and to the far right of its path. The hook (pointy part) of the shuttle should be almost touching the needle. Note the rather large gap.

I will send the husbeast to the local Sears dis-Service Center to try to locate and purchase that special pentahead socket. I don't hold out much hope as they are generally clueless. I may have to try and butter up an OSMG (old sewing machine guy) and get him to either sell or loan one.

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