Saturday, May 26, 2012

This Week's Yard Sale Bargains

It's still a bit early in the season. The pickings are slim but I did manage to find some goodies. Today I found this set of vintage Noritake stoneware in the October Fest pattern. It's obviously been used but there is not a chip on it. Eight place settings and the only missing piece is a small saucer. All this for a mere $8. Now I have nice dishes that match.

I love this pattern and it blends in well with all my pottery pieces. Noritake stoneware is virtually indestructible. You can put it in the oven or microwave with no problems. Yesterday I found a few things, as well. Apparently it was "match what you already have" day. I found this set of chicken themed items (plus a chicken hot pad, not pictured) for $3. 

Not that I need another sugar/creamer set but it matched this spoon rest that I'd purchased at a different yard sale over a year ago. What are the odds?

I think this is even stranger. 
I bought this sugar bowl for $2...

...only because it matches the pattern of this gravy boat that I bought at a yard sale way back when my kids were little. I have never seen this china pattern before or since. Until yesterday. Now they are reunited.

I love that gravy boat because the base is attached. We use it every Thanksgiving. That china is marked Bavaria, Germany, but I can't find it anywhere on the internet. I'd love to know the name of the pattern. It looks like it's from the 50's. I have been on a book gathering binge so also picked up some eclectic reading material. $1.75 for the 3 books.

And I couldn't pass up more sewing trims. Like I'm ever gonna use all that I already have hoarded away.

I paid $1.25 for all the trims. What I found interesting was that many of the packages had prices from previous yard sales. We're just passing them around Tacoma. When I die you all need to come to my estate sale. I've got some cool stuff.

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