Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another Pair of Sleep Shorts

These turned out even better. I was able to match up the stripes this time. And even though this flannel fabric is kind of fugly it is really nice quality. Thick and super soft. Once the lights are off and you're under the covers, who cares what they look like?

I decided to use a smooth fabric for the drawstring on this pair. I thought the flannel drawstring, on that first pair, was a bit too "grabby". It's not as easy to cinch up as I'd like. A smooth drawstring against the flannel fabric works much better. I had to run to Jo-Ann's to buy a yard of inexpensive orange broadcloth. I dislike sewing on the stuff but it's only for the drawstring and I didn't want to pay a fortune for the good stuff. It worked out OK. To add some pizazz to the shorts I top stitched using bright orange thread and my goldfish cam. So cute!

I hope my daughter enjoys wearing these shorts as much as I enjoyed creating them. I thought I would share a little hint to my seamstress friends. When I'm pinning fabric together, to sew, I like using those pins with the round plastic balls on the ends. But for pinning the pattern to the fabric, for cutting, those fatter pins tend to rip my tissue paper. For pinning the pattern I like to use these thinner silk pins. Then I can use the tissue patterns over and over and they don't get ruined. I know, it's hard to see the white paper pattern against the white fabric. If you click the picture it will be enlarged.

Now to work up the nerve to start My middle daughter's dress. It's been so long since I inserted a zipper. I'll just have to cross my fingers and go for it.

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