Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Decisions, Decisions....

My project is getting closer to becoming a dress.

Today I have added the pockets, joined the skirt backs to the front, and attached the skirt to the bodice. But before I can insert the zipper I need to figure out how best to attach the black grosgrain ribbon to the waist. Below, one of my supervisors pores over the instructions, trying to decide how best to proceed. He thinks he's a huge help but in reality he just wrinkles the pattern pieces and tries to look important. The pattern calls for decorative topstitching, by hand, using a saddle stitch. It is supposed to be applied to the waist ribbon, the back zipper opening, and the hem. That's a lot of extra work for something that isn't crucial to my vision for this design. All I care about are the polka dots, ruffles and the black ribbon. I am leaning towards simply machine stitching the ribbon to the waist. What do you think, Singha?

I have a couple of confessions to make. I've had 2 screw ups so far, both involving the pockets. Remember when I was complaining about there being 5 sizes stamped on this pattern. In many places the size lines were very close together, making it difficult to tell which cutting line went to which size. I was being ever so careful. Double and triple checking before cutting. All went well until I cut the bodice front. At the shoulder straps the lines were incredibly hard to keep straight and despite my best efforts I managed to cut one of the straps along the wrong line. Aaaack!!!!! This was especially problematic because I didn't have much extra fabric to work with. I was able to cut out a second bodice piece (after taping the pattern back together) but thought I would have to sacrifice the pockets to do so. I was just barely able to cut out the second pocket. I had to do so with the grain going widthwise instead of lengthwise. Shhhhh! It'll be our little secret. That was screw up #1. Number 2 came as I was attaching the pockets to the back and front pieces. Just as in reading a knitting pattern, or any instructions, make sure you're reading what it says and not what you think it says. I was attaching them using a 5/8" seam instead of the required 1/4". Oopsie. The good news is this lining fabric is very forgiving. Here is the finished (and lined) pocket.

The lining side is facing up. As you can see, it's a very thin lining. I'm not sure how much further I'll get tonight. I'm going to sew a bit more and then I have a cigar to enjoy. Our nice Subaru salesman was also a cigar smoker and shared.

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