Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Preparing For the Bee's Arrival

My bees should be arriving within the next couple of days. Perhaps even tomorrow night. They will probably arrive in the wee morning hours as my distributor is making the 12 hour drive from California back up to WA. If that happens I will tuck them away in my garage until the morning. I'm not going to wrangle bees in the dark. In the meantime I am readying my hive. I am painting more of the bottom board. I took the part about "no paint where the bees will be" too much to heart. I had only painted the outer edges of the bottom board. But it will be exposed to the elements so I am painting the entire piece. What? Don't other wives paint their hives in the bathtub? Really? Well don't tell my husband that. I need to put on one more coat of paint, in the morning, and I'm done.

Here is my hubby putting up the bee screen. This will keep their flight path up above my neighbor's head, in case he wants to enjoy his backyard.

It's too dark now. I'll take a picture of the finished screen tomorrow. I just have to pick up a couple more supplies. I need some Playtex gloves and a spray bottle. I want to spray their frames with sugar water, so they'll like them better. Bees don't like "new" things and their entire home is going to be new. Tomorrow I'll do my shopping and mix up their sugar syrup. I am excited and have been watching videos on hiving bees for 2 days. I think I'll be fine.

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NewlyAwakened said...

You'll do fine! Everything you touch turns to success :) Very considerate of you to put up that screen as well. You can always send over a cup of honey every so often if they get touchy about the hive being there.