Monday, April 4, 2011

Blog Sale

I am saving up to buy a floor loom. No time to have a yard sale so I'll attempt a blog sale. Here are a few things I have to offer:

Brand New Juicer, in box: (bartered for 3 cases of wine bottles)
1 quart of concentrated worm tea fertilizer: $10
4 oz. of red wiggler composting worms: $5
Organically grown thornless raspberry canes: 2 for $5
Ashford Traditional spinning wheel: SOLD
Ashford Traveller spinning wheel: SOLD
A dozen large fresh eggs: $5


NewlyAwakened said...

I have an AWESOME fold up floor loom with all the accessories. I can email you pics, or better yet you could come check it out! I have been trying to get $800-1000 but for you, would take $600. $700 with all my books and warping board. (I got the warping board from you and it is still NIB condition). It is a fold up sectional beam loom. Has 4 harnesses, metal heddles. Brand new top of the line Leclerc tension box, large oak spool rack, a couple of reeds in various sizes, 2 large "rag" style wooden shuttles, instrucions, plus I know the provenance of the loom as well. I also have several books with hundreds of patterns for 4 harness looms. Was on my "someday" list but after 4 years of not having even warped it yet... maybe you would actually put it to use! Anyway, too much to go on about here. Let me know if you would like to see it :)

NewlyAwakened said...

Forgot to mention I would be interested in a trade for some off the price for the Ashford Traveler if you still had it...

luvewe said...

What brand of loom and type? It sounds like it might be a bit out of my price range but you never know. Is it 6 treadle, 4 harness? Jack or counterbalance? So many questions. What's the weaving width? Email me the brand and particulars and I'll do some thinking.