Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Shelves = More Progress

Today I lugged 2 more of the short Billy Bookcase shelves across the alley and up the stairs, to the craft room. This has allowed me to get even more of my reading material organized. (Double click on the picture to read the titles).

For someone who doesn't read, I certainly have a lot of books. These are just a small part of my collection. The top 2 cubbies house my weaving books, as well as a few on felt making and natural dyeing. The bottom left cubbie holds books on hand spinning, and a few on soap and candle making. The bottom right cubbie holds my collection of books and magazines on traditional rug hooking. One more short bookshelf, and 2 of the taller ones, and I should be able to get all my books and magazines whipped into submission.

Now that I am getting ready to sell off my fixtures I have begun bringing my personal items home. Here is my beloved picture of the patron saint of knitting, Gromit, of 'Wallace & Gromit' fame.

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