Monday, April 11, 2011

It Occured To Me, While Drinking Larry Bird's Wine

Oh Shit! I'm drinking Larry Bird's wine. As that Larry Bird bottled. It's all making sense now. Why would you put a picture of Larry Bird on your wine labels? Unless you ARE Larry Bird. And why would obviously committed wine drinkers pack around a single unopened bottle of wine? Unless it has some value? Damn, damn and triple damn. Why didn't I figure this out BEFORE I'd opened the bottle?

I'm sitting at my computer, enjoying my glass of free wine and Googling Larry Bird and wine. Come to find out he had teamed with a California winery, back in 2005, to develop a line of wines. And why his interest? Because he had been a home wine maker. After reading this little excerpt, my light bulb came on, "Larry Bird: I got into this years ago. I used to make some. I didn’t drink it but my brothers liked it and their wives liked it. So it’s just been a hobby when I was retired. I would go out and try to make some different kinds."

The bottle I have says Christmas 2004. I'm thinking this was a wine Larry gave as Christmas gifts that year? So, how much am I bid for a half drunk bottle of 2004 Cranberry Shiraz that was maybe bottled by Larry Bird?

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