Friday, September 16, 2011

Some New Goodies

I've been quiet but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. I'm still gathering items for my future homestead. I ordered a couple of things from I got a compost aerator, and this book.

The book is on seed saving. Harvesting your seeds to reuse the following year. I had borrowed a friend's copy earlier and wanted one of my own. The compost aerator makes it easy to turn the compost when it's in an enclosed bin, like the 3 I have. And I bought a couple of used books from a Ravelry friend. They are on raising goats. I hope to have both meat and dairy goats eventually. The lady also included a bar of her goat's milk soap.

Today I felt the need for a bit of shopping therapy and headed out to find some yard sales. Unfortunately it's the end of that sale season and the offerings were few and far between. I only found one item to purchase, a large Foley mill for $3. "But Roxi, didn't you just buy a food mill for $5 recently?" Yes, I did. But the one I got today is much larger. It's the one on the left in the picture. I can't decide if I should keep the smaller one, or sell it?

Since the yard sales were a huge disappointment I hit a few thrift stores. I am jonesing for some cast iron cookware. No luck at either Salvation Army or Goodwill. I was making a quick sweep through Bargain World (the place where I'd found my Supreme Juicerator for $19) when I spied this.

Hmmmm....that looks like a dehydrator. Closer inspection revealed it to be an Excalibur. That's a very desirable item. I was stoked. But did it work? I found the testing strip at the back of the store and low and behold, the fan started up. I haven't actually tried it out properly, and it might not work. But it was only $9.99 and new they sell for over $100. Mine is circa 1981. If it works well I'll save up to get one with more trays. I like my other dehydrator just fine put it has stacking trays instead of these, that slide in. The advantage? You can put taller items inside it. The Excalibur is supposed to be able to make yogurt.

And I have a bunch of these milk glass yogurt cups with lids. Look, they fit inside!

I may be able to discontinue my search for a second yogurt maker and just use this. I'll have to try it out next week. I'll let you all know how it goes.

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