Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pick Berries or Clean Shop?

All of a sudden there is a surge of interest in the commercial building we have for sale. I have been busy with my garden, since retiring, and have ignored the fact that I need to get the building emptied out and cleaned up. We had a showing scheduled for Saturday which meant I have been over there most of the week and have got the bottom floor nice and tidy. Then that person decided to look in another area and canceled our appointment. I was secretly glad because that meant I could take a break from cleaning and go pick blueberries and blackberries for more wine and jam. If I don't get them soon it will be too late. I was going to head to Blueberry Park this afternoon and when I checked the phone messages at the shop I found that another person wants a showing...on Sunday. Looks like I need to focus on cleaning, after all.  I'm still going to try and sneak out to do some picking. We'll see how it goes.

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