Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blueberry Booch

I have been experimenting with different techniques for flavoring kombucha. So far I have had success with placing pieces of fresh fruit into the individual bottles. Which is great for short term storage. But now that the weather is turning it will be more of a challenge to keep my brewers above 70 degrees. To prepare for this I have been bottling as much booch as I can. I don't want bits of berries floating in my kombucha for months at a time. But how to get that fruit flavor? Someone on the Kombucha Kommunity site proposed using a secondary ferment, on the fruit, before bottling. Here is my first success. Blueberry Booch. I started with a gallon of black tea kombucha and fermented it for nearly 2 weeks. Then I made a syrup using 1/2 cup of sugar and 1/2 cup of water. Once the sugar was dissolved (and the liquid still hot) I added 1/2 cup of fresh blueberries and smashed them with a potato masher. I removed the SCOBY from the kombucha and stirred in the berry sugar mixture. The booch was placed back into the fermenting closet for another week. The result? The kombucha fermented again, forming a new SCOBY (not useable due to the embedded berries). The finished booch is delicious. I have since bottled it and will have it on hand this winter.


NewlyAwakened said...

What is the technique you use for bottling the kombucha? I am curious since the stuff I buy is carbonated and also contains live cultures so I know you don't want to kill anything off like we do for wine. Is it just sterile bottles with screw on lids? Thanks!

crazihippichic said...

I sanitize flip-top bottles (grolsch style) and put the strained kombucha in along with a teaspoon of sugar. Because of the possibility of a bottle exploding I store the filled bottles inside cardboard boxes. I have also bottled booch in thicker wine type bottles meant for sparkling cider or champagne.