Thursday, August 25, 2011

Green Beans! And Tomatoes?

I admit it. I haven't put much effort into my garden this year. I got such a late start. And then the weather didn't cooperate. I went through the motions and planted some things but I've been ignoring them. They've received water and that's about it. Imagine my surprise when I finally spied this little guy.

 My first red tomato of the season. Yes, he's a teeny tiny cherry tomato but he still counts. Maybe there's hope for all his big, green sisters (they're Early Girls)?

Early Girls? That's funny! They're Late Girls this year. I hope I get some red ones. I want to can some spaghetti sauce. I only have one jar left from last year. Look what else is finally producing. My green beans. I hope to be able to freeze them to have on hand this winter. We love green bean casserole at Thanksgiving.

Good thing I signed on with Full Circle, or I wouldn't be enjoying many fresh vegetables this summer. Speaking of them, they have been wonderful to work with. Whenever I've had an issue they have been quick to correct any problems. Yesterday was delivery day. There is usually a box of produce waiting on my porch in the morning. But when I opened the door yesterday, no box. I didn't know if it was a problem on Full Circle's end...or if someone had stolen it from my porch. Come to find out they had a hiccup and a few of the boxes had been damaged in transit. I received a brand new (not squished) box yesterday, during daylight hours, and was able to snap this picture of the elusive Full Circle delivery truck.

I highly recommend them. The produce has been lovely and I am always able to customize my orders to ensure I only receive (and pay for) items that my family will eat. I feel good about what I am putting in our bodies and also about supporting organic farmers. I believe in voting with our dollars. If we believe pesticide laden, genetically modified produce is unhealthy, we shouldn't support those farmers. There are more important things than "the bottom line".

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