Saturday, August 27, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures 8-26-11

It's getting late in the season and the yard sales seem to be hit or miss. But there are still bargains to be had. Here is what I found between 8:30am and 11am yesterday morning. I stopped at 10 sales and purchased at 5 of those. I made sure I was only bringing home useful items. I tend to be a bit OCD with definite hoarder tendencies so I need to set limits for myself.  First up, a small pet bed and a ceramic cat dish.

Reggie knew what this was for. As soon as I brought it in
and set it on the couch, he made himself at home ($2).

My cat, Singha, is allergic to plastic dishes.He's been
using a "people" dish but now he'll have his own.
It is very colorful with a cute fish design on the sides ($2).

I found some items for my kitchen. A Foley food mill ($5). I have one already but this one is in better condition. I will sell the other one for what I paid for this. Some measuring spoons ($.25) because I can never have too many, and an Oneida Stainless steel teakettle ($3).

A washable wool stadium blanket ($4) and a cloth hankie ($.50). We keep the house rather cool in the winter and it is nice to have a blanket to snuggle under when watching TV. I do not like paper Kleenex so am always looking for more hankies. They are getting scarce as hen's teeth.

I found another big basket. This one will house my extra reeds for my looms ($5). And look at this gorgeous gallon wine jug! I love it! It will be so pretty in my fermenting closet ($2).

Now for the finds of the day. Here are two 5 gallon glass carboys
AND 3 dozen clean and delabeled wine bottles. All for.....$30!

New glass 5gal. carboys run about $30 each. And a case of new wine bottles are about $15 each (and they usually aren't the best quality). So this alone is over $100 worth of brewing supplies, and no sales tax. That's my kind of shopping.

I also brought home a hanging closet organizer with 8 shelves which are wide enough for storing sweaters ($2) and 4 "new-to-me" shirts ($1 each).

Total spent: $59.75                Retail Value if new: Over $260

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