Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dollar Store Goodies

I stopped by the local Dollar Tree this past Friday and I found some interesting items. First up is a hair turban similar to a Turbie Twist. My Turbie Twist is pink and the dollar store version is purple (but available in at least 3 other colors). There is a big difference in price (my Turbie Twist was $4.99 on sale at Fred Meyers). The dollar store turban is a little shorter and has a button. It is also made of microfiber instead of terrycloth. It worked well and I will be picking up a few more to have on hand.

This is a package of 15 shower caps for $1. I use a shower cap over my hair when I apply my henna hair dye. These will come in very handy. They are also good for when you do a deep oil conditioning. The plastic holds in the heat from your head, making it a "hot oil" treatment. I think I better pick up another pack of these, as well.

I also bought these covers for using on your leftovers (or for keeping the fruit flies out of your fermenting sourdough). A pack of 20 covers, in 3 different sizes, for $1. The plastic is rather thin but I am hoping to be able to wash and reuse them.

I found these items at the Dollar Tree on Pacific Avenue, between 96th and 112th.

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