Saturday, August 13, 2011

Affordable Mineral Makeup?

I don't wear a lot of makeup but I do like to keep a light coat of paint on this old barn. Just to smooth out the blotchies and put a bit of color in my cheeks. Most of the liquid foundations I've tried have caused my skin to break out in nasty flakes. I finally found one my skin could tolerate and had been using Cover Girl Clean for years. Without ever questioning the ingredients. Until recently when I peeled back the label from the back of the bottle. Did you notice that their web site doesn't list the ingredients? They do mention, "Enriched with eucalyptus and clove oil". But neglect to list things like propylene glycol (antifreeze) and worse, sodium lauryl sulphate. I guess that's why they call it "clean" makeup? I was putting the same thing used to degrease engines on my sensitive face. Beauty must suffer? Nice.

I knew about mineral makeup but had never tried any. Now seemed like the perfect opportunity. Either that or go bare faced, which could frighten small children.  I had only ever heard of bareMinerals. These are available locally, at Macy's. And they are pricey. $28 for foundation and $19 for blush. I would have to pay over $50 (with tax) for the 2 items I would want. That's not happening on my tight budget. I searched around for a more affordable alternative and stumbled upon Everyday Minerals. The prices were less than half of what bareMinerals costs for the same sized product. The ingredients were nearly identical and the color range is actually broader with EM. Everyday Minerals also offers a trial sample of 7 shades of foundation for FREE. You only pay for shipping. This allows you to find your perfect shade before buying. They also have lots of freebies and promotions. I have received 2 free travel size eye shadows thus far (bareMinerals sells their shadow for $13, Everyday Mineral shadows are $7 or $4.50 for the travel size). My blush cost $9 and the foundation was $12. For a grand total of $21 plus $3.25 shipping. I have been using these products for over a week now. My skin LOVES them! And I have received many compliments on how nice I look. I hope this information can help others to get away from their toxic beauty routines.


Wendy said...

Due to your post I checked out Everyday Mineral and purchased a trial sample of foundation, which I recieved yesterday. You're right they're really good and you cant beat the price. Thanks for the tip!

crazihippichic said...

Glad you liked your sample, Wendy. So far I am really happy with all of their products. The only problems I've had are due to the USPS. I received a broken lipstick (which EM has sent a replacement for) and one of my orders is lost somewhere between California and here (EM has tracking on all of their packages so at least you know what area of Timbuktu USPS has sent it to). I am hoping that order fianlly arrives before my sample of foundation runs out. I don't fault EM for those problems, though. They have to use USPS in order to keep their costs down. They give so many freebies it is well worth any frustration the postal service causes. And guess what? Right now EM is offering FREE shipping on ALL orders over $17. Free shipping? That's just about what I think USPS is worth. :-P