Saturday, February 12, 2011

Visiting the Fermenting Closet

Yesterday I racked the raspberry apple wine into the secondary jug. Here is how it went. I rounded up the Mr. Wine, a clean jug and the various siphoning parts.

Then I had to remove the bag of must. All the deliciousness has been soaked out of the raspberries. There is absolutely nothing yummy about what is left.

I took an hydrometer reading, sampled a bit and finally it was time to begin siphoning.

And here is the wine in its new temporary home.

It is now ready to join the other occupants of the fermenting closet. Let's check in on a couple of them. Here's the apple raisin.

And the orange banana.

Both of which are sitting on a lot of lees and will be racked again next week. The apple raisin is taking on a nice, rich dark color. I am now glad that some of the raisin bits made it into the secondary. I love that deep color.

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