Monday, September 20, 2010

Indoor Clotheslines

With no end to the rain in sight, it is time to bring the clothes drying operation indoors. Last spring I relied on my 2 large Ikea drying racks, placed in the living room. But the teenage daughter complained that the house looked like a third world village. And the shirts, hanging on hangers on the shower rod, annoyed the husband. But where to put everything so it will be out of the way? The only indoor space large enough is my craft/really messy room. This is where I keep all my "stuff". And you can probably imagine that I have a lot of this "stuff". Spinning wheels, looms, knitting machines (which I've never used), spinning fibers, boxes of fabric, record albums (I adore vinyl), books, name the fiber processing tool and I bet I have it. Unfortunately I do not have time to use any of it. So here it sits, much of it going unpacked for the past 5 years. And it isn't tidy, either. This is the room that may cause me to be featured on 'Hoarders'. Yesterday I set about clearing a large enough space to set up my indoor/outdoor clothesline. I absolutely LOVE this thing. It folds up like an umbrella, for storage, but unfolds to an almost full sized clothesline with a stable tri-pod base. Sorry for the terrible photos. I'll take better pics once the room is more presentable.

And here is my portable clothes rack on wheels. This was a freecycle find. I will use it to dry shirts on. If you have them on the hangers you just transfer them right into your closet when dry.

Between those 2 items, and my Ikea racks, I should be able to successfully air dry my laundry over the winter. The only problem I can foresee would be too much moisture in the air. But we have gas heat and usually have the opposite trouble. Maybe this will balance things out? Time will tell.

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NewlyAwakened said...

Sweet! I love the "third world" comment. Actually, that is why there are so many ordinences against outdoor clothes lines because people don't like how they look. Too bad really.