Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hang On Little Tomato(es)

Is there anything lovelier than a platter of ripening tomatoes? Maybe. But nothing is coming to mind right now. Unlike my potatoes, the tomatoes have not disappointed. Even with our soggy spring and summer, and very short growing season (this year), they have produced a prolific amount of fruit, which is finally becoming ripe.

As soon as I see a hint of orange, I pluck them and bring them indoors to ripen in the kitchen. Safe from marauding insects, slugs, or an early frost. I raised these tomato plants from seeds and gave them lots of organic love. In return I've been rewarded with many sweet little tomatoes to enjoy. Speaking of enjoyable, please click on this link, 'Hang On Little Tomato', to listen to one of my favorite songs from the band Pink Martini. Listen all the way through. There is quite a long instrumental lead in, but the song is charming and will transport you back to a time when music was more than noise and screaming.

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