Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ikea Scouting Trip

Monday morning, Rick and I headed up north to Ikea. I was looking for some type of kitchen counter/storage unit. And I think I've found the solution to my lack of cabinet and counter space. I plan on purchasing this Ikea Varde Base Cabinet. It will fit perfectly along the far kitchen wall, under my hummingbird & trillium print. While there I picked up this cool, inexpensive shelving unit. It will stand in front of the kitchen window and house all my potted plants.

I also picked up this nifty socktopus, to use for air drying socks.

Then, Monday afternoon, I drove all over Puyallup buying up a couple more attachments for Gladys. I got this Ice Cream Maker (brand new, in box, for $25)

and this Fruit/vegetable strainer. The later will come in handy, very soon, for making more spaghetti sauce. I need to hurry and get on that, as the tomatoes have outgrown the platter and are fast becoming a tomato mountain.

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