Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting Ready For Fall & Winter

I've spent this weekend readying the backyard for the fall and winter. First I had to clean out the garage to make space to put things. I had fleeces in there from back when I had sheep. That's been over 5 years. Something tells me I'm not getting to them any time soon. I started pulling them out, to give away on Freecycle, and I couldn't believe what I had. Boxes, and boxes full. I kept a third of it. Things that I couldn't part with, and still managed to fill up 2 spinners' cars with the rest. Bet they were happy. Now I have room on the garage shelves to put my canning jars, and all my gardening pots. And there is room in the garage for the barbecue, table and chairs, etc...that need to be stored away. I've also begun buying up some galvanized garbage cans to store chicken feed, diatomaceous earth, Those cans are pricey, so I'll get one per week until I have enough. Got to keep rodents out of things. The husband spent this weekend building a nice platform to hold my rain barrels.

He just has to hook them back up. They were sitting on cinder blocks, but the ground settled and they were falling over. Now they'll be secure. And look what I found on Craigslist, for FREE! Over 50 medium sized clay pots (these are just some of them). That would be over $150 if bought new. Someone had listed them yesterday, and put them out next to the alley for anyone to take. I just saw the ad, this morning, and couldn't believe they were still there. FREE is the best type of bargain!

I will store them away to use in my greenhouse, once I retire and actually have a greenhouse.

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