Monday, February 4, 2013

Some Jo-Ann Fabrics Bounty

I have been hanging around on a sewing forum and learning a lot from the talented seamstresses there. These ladies are awesome. At first I was quite intimidated by their skill but they are so willing to share their knowledge and very encouraging. Because of their influence I am now becoming a much more discerning fabric shopper. I've been buying quite a bit of my fabric online but this is such a tactile hobby and I love to feel the fabrics while I shop. Thankfully there are some nice things to be had at Jo-Anns if you know what you are looking for. I bought the following last week while they were 40% off.

This is a linen/ rayon blend with embroidery and sequins. It will become a dress.

This is a rayon shirting. I like wild prints.

This is another linen/rayon blend. It is purple with a black cast and has a woven texture. I plan to use this for my dress fitting class.

And last is a cotton/rayon jersey knit that is reversible.

JA's also had Vogue patterns on sale for $3.99. I bought these.

If only JoAnn's would stock more nice fabrics instead of so much polyester garbage. I'd also like them to stock silk organza and cotton batiste. Even imperial batiste would be welcome. A girl can dream.

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Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

Great bargains. I know what you mean about fabrics, it is almost impossible to get anything decent where I live either.