Monday, February 4, 2013

Getting Spring Fever

It's been a little bit warmer lately and the bees have been out flying. Spring is just around the corner. I am filled with anticipation of what this new growing season will bring. Just a little while longer before I need to begin feeding my bees and getting the backyard cleaned up. And I need to get sewing! I still owe 3 of my children Christmas gifts. But I keep getting sidetracked by my own sewing wants. I bought some lovely cotton lawns to make myself some blouses and tops for the warmer weather. I also joined a group on a sewing forum called "A Top A Month 2013". Right now I am behind by a month. I thought I'd whip up a top really quick so washed up one of the 2 yard cuts of lawn. OMG! The blue ran into the fuchsia  I did manage to get 80% of the dye stain out by giving the fabric a soak in oxiclean.

 Yesterday I set about making a muslin for this fitted top.

I cut it to the same size (I thought) as my dress bodice that turned out so nicely. Well, the top was WAY too tight at the waist. I altered the muslin all last light and finally got it to where it felt comfortable but it took many, many alterations. I don't think I like the style enough to continue fussing with it.

That's the beauty of a muslin. You get to find out if the pattern is a dud without wasting your fashion fabric. On to the next. I have shifted gears and will attempt this top (I'll be making the longest version with 3/4 sleeves) out of this vibrant fabric. My husband says it reminds him of a VW van but it makes me happy. He doesn't have to wear it. I think it will be cute with some tapered leg pants in a dark chocolate brown.

The fabric is washed and this time no running dye. I'll soon begin the muslin but first I need to make a couple of fleece hoodies for my daughters, before it gets too warm for them to wear them.

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Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

Ha! I actually have this pattern too but haven't made a blouse from it yet. Can't wait to see yours, that fabric is very pretty.