Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Today's Bargains

It looks like we have that health scare taken care of. Time to get back to the business of living. I have always tried to enjoy each day like it could be my last, and being ill has just reinforced that philosophy. Life is short so play with your toys! One of the things I really enjoy is hunting for bargains. Shopping at the mall and paying full price just doesn't do it for me. So when I realized I had a 40% off coupon for Half Price Books, that expired today, I got myself over there. I used my coupon to purchase a book on machine quilting. It will go hand in hand with an online course I am taking. I also picked up 8 quilting magazines and another quilting book. I spent a little over $20.

Then I went to check out a consignment store next to Guns & Bows on Pacific Ave. in Tacoma. I believe the shop is called 'This & That'. I can't find them listed when I Googled but apparently they have been there for nearly a year. It was a cool place. There is quite a variety of items from collectibles to tools, housewares to clothing. I enjoyed poking around and came away with this tin full of sewing notions for $3.

Almost directly across the street from this shop is my favorite Saint Vinnie's. I couldn't be in that end of town without paying a quick visit. I spent about $20 and came away with the following.

 A gorgeous red sweater with beading and bullion stitch roses.

A lovely blue silk blouse.

My costume for this Halloween.

A pile of assorted zippers.

Some uncut patterns, a few of which are trading stock.

And some iron on patches.

While I was taking these photos Reggie was sitting on the floor crying. He was telling me he wanted to sit up on the chair. Why? I have no idea. I actually forgot I'd put him there and left him for about 20 minutes. He just sat there quietly. Funny dog.

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