Monday, March 26, 2012

Broken Spiderweb Block

This is the second BOM for March. It is another string block, using narrow strips of fabrics sewn using a foundation (a triangle this time). However we are not sewing the strips to the triangle but merely using it as a guide for placement as we sew one strip to the next. We leave a diamond shape, in the background color, at the center of the triangle.

Turn the piece over and trim it back to the foundation piece.

And then trim off the unused foundation to reduce bulk.

The back of the triangle after trimming.

You make 4 triangles and fit them together to create a square.

Sew the triangles together, pressing the seams open. 

Then square it up to 12.5" to match the rest of your BOM blocks and hang it on your design wall.

I can't wait for April. I'm anxious to see the new block patterns. I leave you with a close-up of my favorite fabric from the Broken Spiderweb Block. It reminds me of my Reggie.

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