Saturday, March 24, 2012

String Quilt Block

This string block is the first of the 2 blocks featured for March and uses foundation piecing. "String" is a term quilters use for a piece of fabric that is too narrow to do anything else with. All the strips for this block are 1" to 2" wide. Those strips are sewn, in a random sequence, diagonally across the foundation square, leaving 1/2" of the white foundation in the center.

Then you turn the block over....

...and trim it down to the original foundation block, being careful not to cut away any of the foundation square.

Make 3 more blocks, arrange them into a pleasing diamond configuration and sew them together. The back will look like this.

Here are the 5 blocks I've made thus far. One more block to go and then I'll have to wait until April for the new patterns.

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