Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Sewing Room

You know what's great about having an empty nest (besides the peace and quiet)? Spare rooms! We have converted the largest kids' room into a brew room and this smaller bedroom is now my sewing room/guestroom. I've spent this past week getting it organized and cleaning the carpet. It is now a peaceful sanctuary. I still need to do some cleaning and lubing on my machines but should be merrily sewing along very soon.

Most of the items in that room were either free or second hand. The bed was my great grandfather's and the dresser is one we bought when we first got married. Good ol' 1980's particle board. It's a miracle it survived after being in the kids' room. Speaking of the little devils, I have their photos in my sewing room. My eldest is up there on the wall in a little frame that I embroidered when she was a baby. The 3 middle kids are all together, and the youngest is shown during her very brief jock phase.

Whenever I want to chill out and relax I simply walk into that room and gaze around. It's one of my "happy places". In preparation for actually producing some sewn items, I ordered these little labels.

I got them from Heirloom Woven Labels. Just $25.95 for 72 labels (includes shipping). I ordered the small labels in option Q (the papyrus font). The order page shows them non-italics...but I'm not complaining. I prefer the italics.

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