Sunday, November 20, 2011

Meet Flash, The Rocketeer

Someone once told me that if you had 3 it was a collection. Which means I now officially collect vintage Singers. Hubby & I took a little trip out to Graham this evening, to look over a lady's sewing machine collection. She's in her 80's and wanting to pare down. I swear she had at least 40 machines in her garage. I came away with this Singer 500 Rocketeer.

It is a slant-o-matic machine and the manual cover claims it's "the greatest sewing machine ever built"! I think it's certainly one of the most stylish. This machine is definitely a "he" and I've named him Flash (of course). The woman was asking $200. We talked her down to $100 and then worked a partial barter so it cost me $65 for the machine and $10 for the additional buttonholer.

Not too bad considering this was on my "most desirable" list. No more Singers for a while unless someone wants to barter for a Featherweight. Then all bets are off.

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