Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two More For The Closet

The bulk aging closet, that is. Today it was time to rack the Orange/Banana and Apple/Raisin wines, for the final time, and place them into the closet where they joined the Cyser Mead. But first I had to sample them. The hydrometer bottomed out, meaning there was no more sugar for the yeast to convert to alcohol. These are both pretty potent. My favorite is the Orange/Banana. So good! Some folks say you can't make good wine from oranges. Not true!

And here is the Apple/Raisin. It's not bad. I just wished I'd added cinnamon and ginger, along with the cloves.

Next time I'll make a real spiced apple wine. I better start it soon if I want it ready in time for Christmas. I froze my ginger from the last visit to the Japanese restaurant. Now I just need cinnamon sticks and more apple cider.

And here is how I filtered out the raisin bits. I rigged up one of the straining bags around the siphon. Worked great.

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