Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today's Edible Weed: Catchweed Bedstraw

Today I noticed this weed growing behind the neighbor's fence. It's a rather attractive looking plant. I picked some of the foliage so I could identify it, and was unpleasantly surprised. It doesn't feel as nice as it looks. It's mildly prickly and wants to cling. Not surprisingly it is called Catchweed Bedstraw. Further research revealed that it is, indeed, edible. Because of it's rather prickly feel, I think it would be best to cook it before ingesting. However, the chickens loved it raw. I tossed a big handful into their run and it disappeared in minutes. They'll get more, tomorrow. Free chicken feed is a good thing!

The Raspberry Apple wine was racked for the final time, this morning, and joined the other occupants of the bulk aging closet. This one is VERY dry. I'll definitely back sweeten it before bottling, in order to bring out the raspberry flavor.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! I'm looking after some hens for a friend and I hung a bunch up on their perch today... never seens chickens eat anything so fast!!! By the time she comes back from her holidays, her 3 acre garden will be catchweed-free!!!

Tania Calderón said...