Monday, March 14, 2011

Some Serious Wine Racks

After much research into the different kinds and styles of wine racks, I decided on the 14 shelf Gorm racks. They are inexpensive, easy to assemble and hold a whole LOT of wine. Each unit holds 112 bottles. Today we made the pilgrimage to Ikea. I bought 2 units. So I am probably set for a while. I say probably, because you never know with me. Along with the racks, I picked up this jug of lingonberry drink concentrate. And what am I going to do with that, boys and girls?

MAKE WINE! The concentrate consists of lingonberry juice, sugar and grape juice. I think lingonberry wine will go perfect with our Thanksgiving meal. I better get on it, if it's going to be ready in time. I'll have to send the husbeast to the brew store to pick up a couple (maybe 4?) 3.5 gallon jugs. OK, I'm getting distracted. Back to the wine racks. Here they are unloaded and stacked in the living room.

Husbeast only had time to assemble one of the racks before heading off to work. Here it is assembled and in place in the basement.

There went my budget for the month. And I'd been so good.

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