Thursday, March 24, 2011

On A Clear Day can hang out the laundry.

And yesterday we had the first clear day in a LONG time. I was excited to hang out the first laundry of the season. The last batch I hung out never dried, so they don't count. You can see how cold the morning was. There is frost on the ground. But I believe it reached 60 degrees F. and by the time I got home in the evening the clothes were nice and dry.

I am kicking myself for not picking up more of those sock dryers when I was at Ikea last. They sell the socktopus style (gray in the picture) and these are perfect for drying socks and freeing up the rest of the clothesline for larger items. Yes, those are baby blankets on the line. My dog and cat are my babies.

The chickens were also enjoying the sunny morning. Do you see what they're eating? When you think of dandelions as chicken treats, and not weeds, it makes their presence welcome in your yard. Every morning I harvest a handful and toss them into their pen. Before long the yard will be all weeded.

Last night I started 3 gallons of lingonberry wine, that's being made from the concentrate available at Ikea. I have it in my head that lingonberry wine will be the perfect accompaniment to our Thanksgiving turkey meal. Lingonberries are similar to cranberries, after all. This is my first batch of country wine using a yeast starter. The starter is doing its thing in the fermenting closet. I'll pitch it in the wine tonight.

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luvewe said...

Have to report that the lingonberry drink, from Ikea, is not working for winemaking. Looks like I'll have to toss it. :-(