Monday, November 1, 2010

Putting The Garden To Rest

It's time to move my gardening efforts indoors and clean the yard in advance of the first hard frost. The vegetable garden is finished for the year and not looking very attractive.

Once a good frost hits all those squash plants will turn to a slimy mess. I don't want to have to look at that all winter. And the tomatoes need to be tossed or they'll go to seed and I'll have all sorts of "volunteers" next year. Here is how it looks after being cleaned and weeded.

This is the back corner, by the fence. You can see a butternut squash peeking out. My squash didn't do well, this year. I got one acorn and 2 butternut.

And here is my poor little canna baby that I rescued from behind the water barrels. I haven't had canna in about 4 years. I thought they were all dead and gone. But this little guy was very determined and popped up this year. I am going to cut him back and mulch the heck out of him to try and keep him alive over the winter.

The back corner after cleaning and weeding. There is the little canna, hiding under a blanket of hay.

To celebrate the harvest, and a day of happily digging in the dirt, I baked the acorn squash with butter and brown sugar. Delicious!


Robin said...

I am doing the same thing today. I don't like this part, LOL

luvewe said...

But now we won't have to pick up slimy plants, and we have a clean slate for next year's garden.