Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Under Pressure

I had been looking for a used pressure canner. They've been hard to come by, over the summer. But I put out a request on the Puyallup Freecycle list and was fortunate to find a lady who had one sitting unused in her garage. Remember when that David Bowie/Queen collaboration, "Under Pressure", came out in 1981? Well this pressure cooker was around before that. Look at the groovy box.

Apparently this lady had not canned in a long, LONG time. When I opened up the box, this was inside. Notice the old-school price labels. No bar codes on these babies.

The only thing it didn't come with were instructions. And those were easy to find online.

I made the mistake of asking the husband if he'd like me to bake some white bread, for a change. Of course he would. I guess it's the least I can do after months of forcing the family to eat my wheat bread. Here are four loaves of white bread, fresh out of the oven.

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