Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beer Update: Narrowly Averted Disaster.

Lucky me. I was blessed, the first time out, with an extremely happy, hard working yeast. Yesterday was quite exciting. It started with the bubbler leaking beer onto the top of the fermenter.

Is this why they call it a "bubbler"?

I swapped out the bubblers, replacing this dirty one with a clean one. I came home for lunch at about 3pm. Good thing I checked on the beer, as the situation was critical. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture. I was too busy panicking. The top of the fermenter was covered in beer sludge, the bubbler was clogged, and the top of the fermenter was bulging. I'm not very smart, but even I knew this was very, very bad. I was minutes away from having beer sprayed all over the ceiling. I did a quick sanitize on the other airlock and switched them out. Probably just in time. When I checked on it, after work, everything had settled down. I think the worst is over. The bubbler is now doing a gentle blub, blub.

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