Monday, October 25, 2010

No More Tiny Barbie Kitchen

My kitchen has been transformed. Barbie would be proud.

The weather here has been stormy all weekend. Lots of wind and rain. Time to focus my energy indoors. I had been saving up to take a nice vacation the beginning of November. Those plans hit a snag. Hmmmm....what to do with my savings? How about expanding the Barbie kitchen? Time to make another visit to Ikea. My shopping list included: A Varde base cabinet, another Gorm shelf and a a 5'7" x 7'10" Dragor rug. First, let me remind you what my kitchen eating area looked like.

We rarely sit down to eat as a family. The teen is never home and the husband and I work different shifts. The table becomes a catch all for all sorts of junk. You usually couldn't sit down to eat if you wanted to. My first order of business was to move the table and chairs, around the corner, and into the living room. The new rug is underneath it, to protect the hardwood floor.

Now it was time to have the hubby assemble the new base cabinet. Here it is, with Gladys happily perched on top.

Look at all this storage room! Before:

And after I rounded up all my various kitchen paraphernalia from the spare bedroom, linen closet, and everywhere else I'd stashed it:

The second Gorm shelf joined the one already in place. I'll have the hubby fasten them together and install a couple of cheap 4 foot shop lights under the shelves. The plan is to use this space to grow lettuce, green onions and herbs over the winter. I'll keep you updated as to my progress. And you can see that the bottom shelves are handy for storing my crock pot, dehydrator, etc...

The last addition to the kitchen was found on my favorite shopping site, Craigslist. I wanted some type of rolling butcher block island, for additional kitchen work space. When I saw this Oasis Concepts island offered on Craigslist I knew it would be well worth the drive to Kirkland to get it. It was brand new, still in the shipping box, and I paid a mere $100. Sweet!

It doesn't appear my model is offered anymore, but this is the closest. It looks the same, except mine has a towel bar. BTW, if you are in the market for a kitchen island, I highly recommend the Oasis Concepts products. They are extremely well made, and they fold up, in case you want them out of the way. So now you know what I've been up to. The rain continues to come down and the wind is not letting up. I swear, my chickens have webbed feet. Their run is a mud pit, and they are so happy. The 3 of them have produced 6 eggs over the past 2 days. That hasn't happened since the summer. They are truly Pacific Northwest hens.

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