Thursday, October 7, 2010

Time To Plant Garlic

It's that time, folks. Time to get your seed garlic in the ground. This is my first year attempting to grow garlic. I always forget that it needs to be planted in the fall. But this year I remembered! A yarn shop customer of mine works at the Portland Avenue Nursery so, of course, I shopped local when looking for my own seed garlic. Got to keep that money in Tacoma! And my customer happened to be working the day I visited (hi Sandra!). She gave me a quick lesson on growing garlic and I picked out 4 varieties...2 soft neck and 2 hard neck. The soft neck keep the longest but, since I don't know which I prefer, I decided to get a selection this first time. Here are the varieties I brought home.

I actually purchased these last week and have been waiting for an opportunity to get them into the ground. First I needed to decide where to put them. I ultimately decided on pots. I just don't have enough room in my garden. Seriously, I need a farm. You think I'm joking? are the pots. I've already planted the first one and the rest have the garlic cloves ready and waiting.

I'll leave you with some updated photos of "the girls". (Joanie's a camera hog).

Joanie and Shirley.

Laverne and Joanie.

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