Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Keeping The Hope Alive.

I made some good progress yesterday. Mind you this is getting my undivided attention. Sorry, honey. I need to live in couture land for another few days. I'll be back on Saturday. Pay no attention to those piles of dishes. You knew I was OCD when you married me. Meanwhile you can gaze at this lovely pile of fabric.

Yesterday I finished the bodice and attached it to the rest of the body of the dress. This required more of the same; seam sewing, basting removal, seam trimming, pressing, catch stitching, etc..BUT I also learned something new. How to make stay tape from organza selvage and where and how to use it. It is super awesome stuff. You use it in places (mostly bias cut areas) where you don't want the fabric to stretch and distort. Here is some basted in along the neckline.

And these pieces are tacked in along the midriff seams. The waistband is the focal point of this dress and I want to make sure it stays looking nice.

I am still clinging to the slim hope this garment will be ready by Saturday afternoon. On wards and upwards. Today's mission? Set in the sleeves, insert the zipper (by hand, of course) and possibly work the hems.  The one tricky parts of this dress, for me, are the shoulder seams. I am not sure how to make them snug.

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ladyoftheloom said...

Well, I think it is going to be gorgeous even if it isn't ready by Saturday!!