Friday, December 7, 2012

Addictive Towels & Android Annie

Christmas has come early for me. Meet my new toy, Android Annie. I'm sure she will be my new best friend but right now I am completely befuddled by her.

I am behind the times, having never even had a smart phone. This is way over my head. Won't this be cool to prop up next to my sewing machine so I can watch my online sewing courses? That's how you lure me into using modern technology. Craftsy, here I come!

Meanwhile I have become quite addicted to making these silly hanging towels. I made 2 sets yesterday. First this wine themed pair for my own kitchen....

....and a coffee themed set for a gift.

Now that I had 3 sets completed it was time to dig out a buttonhole attachment and get the buttonholes and buttons put on them. I have been sewing these towels on my Kenmore 1802 but had never attempted to use it to make buttonholes. It was high time. I dug around in my sewing accessories until I found the attachment that is shown in the 1802's manual. It is this funny shaped one piece jobber. Kind of looks like a pizza slicer.

It is super easy to use. You change out the slide plate cover and replace it with one that has a little pinion gear on top. Then drop the feed dogs by pushing a button on the front of the machine. The buttonholer attaches behind the pressure foot with a screw. Then you select the size of buttonhole produced by rotating the selector wheel and swing the buttonholer under the pressure foot and place the wheel over the gear. Almost as easy as those built in 4 step buttonholes but these look much nicer.

These old Kenmores are such a bargain. Unfortunately they are usually missing many, if not all, of their attachments when you find them used. I had to search for the correct slide plate pinion gear and the buttonhole attachment (which I found in 2 separate places) but it was well worth the effort. If you know what you are looking for, they are out there. I also have a fancy monogrammer for the 1802 but have not had a chance to play with it yet. Stay tuned.


Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

I am the same, my mobile phone is practically an antique!
I think your Kenmore did a very good job with the buttonhole.

crazihippichic said...

OMG! I am posting this with my Nexus 7. This thing is awesome! (I still have no idea what I am doing).

Button said...

YOu wouldn't happen to know where I could find another pinion plate for a 1802, would you? I have the plastic attachment, but not the plate, and it's making me crazy!~

crazihippichic said...

Button, your best bet is probably eBay.