Friday, December 14, 2012

A Bag For Izzy

Pssst...did you notice my little snail (above) is slowly moving along?

This is another quick Christmas gift for little Izzy.  The pattern and tutorial are from the FREE course. I love sewing for little ones. They usually aren't very fussy and appreciate handmade things. I always tried to convince my own children that handmade was better because mama puts love into them and the stores don't. All of the fabric for this project was already in my sewing room. I love shopping the stash, trying to see what fabrics and colors will work together.

Obviously the focal fabric was the 1/2 yard of Boyd's Bears print. I fussy cut it to best show off the teddy bears. I went with a vintage piece of cotton floral for the lining because the blues and pinks matched the colors in the bear print. I nixed the small solids, above, in favor of a solid pink cotton/poly blend.

I had planned to use my Singer monogram attachment to write out the name but it is on the fritz. I had to hand embroider it, instead. I think it turned out better, actually. Here is the bag with the lining attached.

After the lining was poked down inside the bag the top edge was stitched and some channels added for the drawstring.

The drawstrings were an absolute booger to make. I had to switch needles 3 times because they were bouncing off the poly blend fabric and refusing to form stitches. I finally switched to a ball top needle and had better success (but still not very good). Once I had the drawstrings sewn it was another PITA to get them turned right-side-out. I persevered and finally got the job done. You wouldn't think such an easy little bag would give me such fits.

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Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

What a gorgeous bag - Izzy will be thrilled to bits!
Yes, your snail is moving, great work!