Sunday, February 12, 2012

Road Trip To Winlock, WA

Today we headed down to Winlock, WA, to house hunt. We looked at 3 properties, none of which was what we are looking for. One house was too small. Another house was full of personality, with lots of built-ins, but the 1.7 acre parcel was all woods and on a steep incline. The 3rd place had a lovely 2 acre plot with many fruit and walnut trees, and some great outbuildings. Unfortunately the house was ugly beyond hope. There's not much to do in Winlock,  which is part of the draw. Just a poor, sleepy little farming community. Everyone knows everyone, and people actually wave at you when you drive by, even though you're a perfect stranger. Winlock's claim to fame? Eggs. They used to be one of the largest egg producers in Washington. And they are still home to the World's Largest (misshapen) Egg.

To be fair I think my Leghorn has laid an egg or two with that exact shape. Many cities are famous for their outdoor artwork. Winlock, not to be outdone, has chicken statues posted at nearly every turn. Here's just one of them.

They also have their version of a skyscraper.

I love this little town and still hold out hope we may eventually relocate there. Either there, or Glenoma.

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