Friday, February 14, 2014

All's Well With The Well!

We got word last Friday that Fannie Mae had (FINALLY) given the OK for the well pump to be repaired. That repair took place Monday. The sample was sent to the lab for testing and was declared "clear" this past Wednesday. We are still on track for a closing date of February 28th. I think I am going to worry, right up until we sign the closing documents and I have the keys in hand. Now to pack, pack, pack. We are planning our actual move for the second week in March. The first week in March will be spent scrubbing the place, top to bottom. It looks like I will just barely meet my goal of being in the new place by spring.

Which will be good news for my bees. The weather is starting to warm and they have begun to emerge from the hives. As soon as I see them out flying, I'm feeding. Yesterday I placed feeders in my yard for the first time this year.

The hive to the far right may be a dead out. Or it just may not be getting warm enough for the bees to come out and fly. Time will tell. It looks like the other 2 hives came through the winter just fine.
There isn't much time for handwork right now, however I did get inspired to begin knitting again after a 3 year hiatus. I saw a hat on Ravely with a ring of peace signs and decided to try to replicate it. Mission accomplished. This is my new favorite hat.


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