Sunday, March 3, 2013

First Really Nice Day of 2013

Today it definitely feels like spring. The sky is sunny and the bees are out flying like crazy. The sky above my house is filled with happy bees coming and going. Some are visiting my community feeder but most are heading out to feast on the blooms in the surrounding area. I opened up the entrance reducers last night to make it easier for them to get in and out. No more bottle neck at the front door. I just shot this video of the Carniolan hive. You can almost hear them giggling with glee.

I tried to zoom in so you could see all the pollen they are bringing in but the picture got fuzzy so I zoomed back out. Tomorrow, if the weather stays nice, I plan to go into the Italian hive to clean it out, make sure it is queenright and put on a medicated top feeder. Their numbers just aren't what I would expect and I need to make sure it is because they've been sick and not because they are queenless.

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